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Y(OUR) STORY – discovering, living, and sharing the story of God  |  a new teaching series at Sanctuary Church


What is your life?

Is it a fragmented series of random events?

Or is it meant to be a journey filled with purpose?

Are we here because of a chaotic blip of nature?

Or is there a larger author and a larger story of which we all are a part?


As humans, we rely on stories to make sense of our lives and to fill them with meaning. We are story creatures. We understand the world through tuning in to news stories. We relate to each other over coffee by sharing the stories of our lives. We work for organizations who dream up new stories of what the world could be. We are entertained and inspired through stories in books and film.


As followers of Jesus we hold to the belief that we are this way because we are actually a part of one grand and true story. We love stories because God has placed us in a larger story and invites us to find our place in it. This teaching series (and accompanying devotional) is an invitation to discover your story as you discover God’s story – and to help others do the same. It is our conviction that our lives are not chaotic accidents but intentional journeys that are woven together in a larger narrative, one that as MLK Jr reminds us – bends toward redemption.





DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Click here to sign up for our accompanying daily devotional 50 days / 50 stories



Consider joining us as we begin a new series in the heart of Providence, RI.

Sunday Service: 10:30am /15 Hayes St, Providence, RI


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