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Join us for a new teaching series through the letter (and book of the Bible) Philippians – read it here



We learn all sorts of fascinating things from this letter.

What sort of community brings together a slave girl, a jailor, and a wealthy business woman?

What does a maturing church look like and do what maturing people do?

Why do some of the best letters come from prison?

At the center of the various themes and insight found in this letter is that writer Paul is wants to help this early Jesus community (and us) see that the purpose of the church is to serve as an outpost of Jesus’ kingdom. We are to be “citizens of heaven.”

In the book of Acts we learn the story of Paul coming to plant a church in Philippi which is a colony or outpost of the worlds greatest superpower, Rome. Living under the reign of Roman culture and rule as a colony, Paul commissions the citizens of Rome to live out the good news of Jesus (gospel). He is encouraging these generous, loving Christians to continue their allegiance to the way of Jesus instead of the way of Rome.

Instead of an outpost of Roman culture they are to be an outpost of heaven.

An outpost of mercy, justice, reconciliation,  joy, and ultimately love.

Just as Paul encouraged the Philippians, we too are encouraged to live out and announce the gospel of Jesus. Working in and through the church as a family, formed in partnership around Jesus, in humility, love and unity.


Consider joining us as we begin a new series and a new church in Providence, RI.

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Sunday Service: 10:30am /15 Hayes St, Providence, RI

SW Providence from Downtown


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