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S M A L L A S W E A R E – a new teaching series at Sanctuary Church

You are one out of 7 billion people on earth.
We live in a nation that makes up 4.4% of the worlds population.
We are in that nations smallest state in a midsize city.
We make up less than 1 percent of that city’s population.

We are small.

Yet as followers of Jesus we believe we are known, shaped, and charged by the love and logic behind everything – the God of the universe – to join in the work of restoring that which is broken in the world.

We are called to the small everyday acts of justice, compassion and love. Small as we are, we matter.

Join us this September for our new teaching series.



Consider joining us as we begin a new series and a new church in Providence, RI.

Sunday Service: 10:30am /15 Hayes St, Providence, RI


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