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The season of Advent is a period of 4 weeks leading up to Christmas that is characterized by expectant waiting and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is in this season that we recognize that is God wanted to speak to our minds alone, Mary would have written a book and not delivered a baby. 


Why focus on waiting?

Why wait for the gift that has already come?
Why wait to meet the guest already here?
Why wait for the child already born?


In the wait we see the beauty of the gift.

In the wait we encounter the true presence of the guest.

In the memory of the wait we know the child who loves us.


And so each December we celebrate Advent. Our Sunday morning gatherings we will begin a bit more quietly and reflectively than normal. Our hope is to create a more intimate space during a season that is often filled with excessive noise.

We invite you to join us as we open up and turn our hearts in the direction of Christmas. That day when the baby cries His first cry and we, surrounded by shepherds and angels and everyone in between, celebrate “Love come down.”







Consider joining us as we begin a new series in the heart of Providence, RI.

Sunday Service: 10:30am /15 Hayes St, Providence, RI


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