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Drawn Near | Advent 2015

The season of Advent is a period of 4 weeks leading up to Christmas that is characterized by expectant waiting and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is in this season that we recognize that peace hope, joy and love have drawn near… that we might draw near.

Why focus on waiting?
Why wait for the gift that has already come?
Why wait to meet the guest already here?
Why wait for the child already born?

In the wait we see the beauty of the gift.
In the wait we encounter the true presence of the guest.
In the memory of the wait we know the one who loves us

“The idea that there’s a force of love and logic behind the universe is overwhelming to start with, if you believe it. Actually, maybe even far-fetched to start with…But the idea that that same love and logic would choose to describe itself as a baby born in ish and straw and poverty is genius, and brings me to my knees, literally. To me, as a poet, I am just in awe of that. It makes some sort of poetic sense. It’s the thing that makes me a believer, though it didn’t dawn on me for many years.” – Bono


Join us. Come and rest. All are always welcome.

Sunday Service / 10am 15 Hayes St, Providence, RI