A unifying worship event for the fueling of mission in Providence.

Churches from all over will come together to sing, share stories, and hear from renowned writer/scholar Scot McKnight.




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ONE EVENT: The day is up on us.

We really hope / encourage / urge everyone to come out.

(The event is free)

*FOOD: there will be great mexican food available from 5:30-6:30

*PARKING: Providence Place Mall (statehouse side)

The Church is across the street from garage entrance. If you walked out of the Cheesecake Factory it would be across the street to your left.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church – 15 Hayes Street, Providence, RI

We hope to see everyone here at 7:00pm (or 4pm for the leaders/pastors pre-event with Scot Mcknight)

EVENT PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=125848760852460

We have assembled a team of amazing worship artists from various local churches that will be leading us worship.  Several short films will be thread throughout the event highlighting some of the awe-inspiring things God has been doing through churches in the city as they work together.  Author and speaker Scot McKnight, from Chicago, will be with us to share the heart of God.

The event is free.  Some generous donations have covered the expense of getting Scot McKnight here, as well as, the cost of renting the Gloria Dei space.  We’ll take a low pressure offering at the event of which 100% will go to families who live in Providence that are in need this Christmas.  

There are a lot of other things to do – especially on Friday night.  We know.  This is not just a concert in a majestic hall to kill a couple hours after a long week.  This is not merely some sort of social reunion of believers.  It’s not some sort of gimmick to promote my church or any other church.  This is about God Himself calling His people together because He has something He wants to say.  Because the times we live in are critical and God is serious about His people fusing together.  I am absolutely convinced that Jesus will be at this gathering and He is going to refresh, stir, ignite passion and transform lives.  I believe that some are going to come feeling empty and directionless and leave flooded with hope.  Many are praying and fasting that the presence of God would be released in dramatic fashion.  Yes, there are lots of gatherings that don’t amount to much.  But some gatherings change the course of history.  They revolutionize the spirits of people and fuel the transformation of cities.  That’s what we are expecting.

See you Friday.

**An important note from Andrew Mook and Scott Axtmann

a few years back we helped organize a unifying worship gathering called the “one event” in providence. at the time there was an undeniable sense that churches were craving a time where they could gather alongside one another and be reminded of the mission before us all. we had no overriding agenda. we simply felt called to gather churches together from all over the spectrum who had a heart for the city. the point of the night was to simply sing praises to God and listen to the Spirit.
it was a powerful evening.
over 700 people showed up.

in the aftermath of the event it was clear that if we were to put this event on again we would need to give some concrete opportunities that might encourage people to be unified in the mission of God. in other words – the worship needed to leave the room.

interestingly enough, that same desire for a unity-gathering has risen again from many churches in the city who have already been working side by side in furthering the Kingdom in the areas of justice and compassion.

LOVE PROVIDENCE is one vehicle that has linked a number of these churches to strategic missional opportunities. it would serve as one of a few suggestions for where churches can lock arms in mission.

and finally, a peripheral answer to the question of “why do this,” is that we want to bless the churches in and around the city. we are fully aware that churches are often bogged down this time of year with programs, activities, and events. places where they are pouring out large amounts of human and financial resources. we would hope that this event would be a place where leaders, pastors, and congregants can simply come and be refreshed to be sent out.

is that this gathering would encourage and challenge the church community in the city of providence.
we hope that through a simple night singing,
sharing stories of unity in mission,
and the preaching of Scripture,
our eyes, hearts, and minds would open further to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

grace and peace,
andrew mook  &  scott axtmann