1.  If you’re looking for the next cool thing in town (We want to grow by new people coming to know Jesus, not church-goer transfer growth). 

2.  If you’re a Christian and you don’t like your current church (You will find reasons to not like this church).

3.  If you have a bad track record at churches of being unteachable and causing problems (You probably won’t change here).

4.  If you’re a consumer wanting to “go to church” 1x a week for a nice show (We are not a Sunday show, we are a community of disciples on a mission).

5.  If you want religion (This church will be built on the  gospel of grace).

6.  If you have an agenda (God has called us to some specific things—your private agenda does not supercede them).

7.  If you’re not interested in journeying with people who are different from you.

8.  If you think this will be a nice little church that stays the same size, where everybody knows your name and you have the pastor’s cell number on speed dial and we have a picnic lunch together every week (By God’s grace, we want to grow).

9.  If you think this will be easy and smooth (This will be hard and difficult; this will be a fight, a battle, and a challenging mission).

10. If you want to hold onto a comfortable life (God has called us to follow Him to the cross – this is love)