LENT is the forty days preceding Easter that are traditionally a period of reflection and self-examination.

Lent is the time of our lives where we are most especially called to reflect on our own lives and ask ourselves, how much do we thirst for an intimate relationship with our loving Jesus who is just waiting for us to respond to His love? It is the time that we must deeply ponder how much do we thirst for a life that is life-giving to others?


Through Lent we will join back up (or sign up for the first time) with our homegroups to reflect together and pray for our community as we look towards the Easter Sunday soft launch of the church. Each home group will be following a devotional resource we have put together that compliment the Sunday teachings.

We will be journeying together through the themes of confession, repentance, fasting, abiding, and resting.

[If you are interested in signing up for a homegroup, feel free to email us at sanctuaryworship@gmail.com]


May the Lord not only increase our hunger and thirst for Him and His righteousness this Lent, but may we also by His grace experience how He satisfies all our thirst and desires with good things.