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“And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name.”

+ Acts 22:16


Three beautiful things are happening on Easter Sunday at Sanctuary.

1. We will celebrate Resurrection Sunday together.

2. We will begin the “soft-launch” season of our church.

3. We will be having a Baptism*

*By the sheer grace of God we have seen people encounter Jesus for the first time in a season where our main focus was on building up leadership and a strong foundation for our new church. It’s not normally a time where a church plant engages those who are new to Jesus. If you are interested in being baptized on Easter Sunday please read below and contact us right away so we can walk through this journey with you.


Baptism is the way we publicly identify ourselves with Jesus in his death and resurrection. This is a sacred and beautiful opportunity to declare, “I believe the way of true life is the way of Jesus. I am committed to following Him, making him Lord of my life —daily dying to myself and allowing the resurrected Christ to live in and through me.” Baptism is not a means of salvation; rather it is a sacrament, a beautiful picture of our union with Christ, and our declaration that we join him in the renewal/restoration of all things.

Believers baptism is an outward demonstration of an inner transformation. It can be likened to a wedding ring. Putting on the ring doesn’t make a person married, but it does visibly communicate a committed love relationship. Baptism itself doesn’t save us (just as putting on a wedding ring doesn’t make us married). Neither does a lack of baptism condemn us (as person may be married without wearing a ring). But it makes sense to do both.

It is a practical representation and mysterious expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as the person being baptized is plunged beneath the water and brought up in the same way that Jesus was buried in the earth and resurrected on their behalf in forgiveness of their sins (Rom 6:1-10; Col 2:12). Baptism identified a Christian with Jesus (Acts 10:48; Rom 6:3; Gal 3:27), the universal church (1 Cor 12:13), and the local church (Acts 2:41).

Read more about how we and our denomination (church network) understand believers baptism, infant baptism, symbols, and sacraments: CLICK HERE


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What should I wear for the baptism?
Please wear tasteful clothing. Shorts and modest t-shirt or sweatshirt is fine. Bring a towel and a change of clothing. You will be handed a towel and invited to go change as soon as you step out of the water.
Can I invite friends and family to my baptism?
Absolutely. We’d love to have them join us.It will give you a chance to share your God story