sanctuary church in the providence phoenix

Over the summer the Providence Phoenix newspaper (think The Village Voice for PVD) came to our Sunday gathering and interviewed  Pastor Andrew. We were grateful to have them write such an affirming and favorable article. Below are a few of our favorite excerpts. You can find the full article here: Sanctuary in The Phoenix

…calling Sanctuary Church a “cool church” entirely misses its purpose, he says. Churches should be places where walls of race, class, and age come down and labels like “cool” or “hipster” only serve to build those walls back up. “No way do you want that label,” he says, shaking his head. “Grey hairs and mohawks need to be in the same room together.”

…I believe we have a city, a state,” he said, “desperately in need of seeing a people who can fail well, love well,  and give of themselves in a way that the city has not seen…”

…Olerio reiterated that this was not a “cool church.” When you get wrapped up in the hype and the image, he said, you lose track of the purpose. “It’s all about Jesus!”

+ Sanctuary Church now meets at 9 and 11am at 15 Hayes St in Providence, RI

+ Learn more about our church here.