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Find out what it means to become a covenant member at Sanctuary Church by coming to our upcoming Covenant Membership Gathering. Joining a local church community is profoundly significant. This gathering defines what it means to “join” Sanctuary Church and how we understand “Covenant membership.” Covenant membership helps make visible the reality of relationships, commitments, struggles, and aspirations of those joined in God’s calling for our church.

It strengthens our identity with an invitation to move beyond “attenders” into “family members”. As family members, we are becoming secure in participating in something authentic and real, thus being open to invite others to join. Because of the nature of this commitment, membership is an “opt-in” process that must be prayerfully reviewed and renewed year after year.


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The gathering is part dinner and part class. 

Dinner will start right at 5pm at 745 Westminster St, Providence.

Come prepared to share a bit of your story.