love providence


This Easter season you’re invited to join us on March 24th as we love our city through city-wide, community led projects. We will meet together that morning at 10am at 15 Hayes St before going out.

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Refugee Family Field Day

We are inviting the Providence refugee community that we are connected with to a morning of games and food and fun.

Contact: Ben

Camp St Beautification Project

Cleaning streets, planting flowers, partnering with a local community group, giving away   Easter dinner baskets.

Contact: Maddie

West Side (Pop Up) Block Party

Winter is over! Join us as we bless the West Side with free Nice Slice pizza and Knead Donuts and music, and lawn games and dancing

Contact: Rene

March For Our Lives

Prayer at 12pm at 15 Hayes St before walking over to the Statehouse lawn to rep Sanctuary at an event focused on recent school shootings

Many more projects to come…