Christmas Offering

Our Christmas offering is a tangible way to join God, through Sanctuary, in the renewal of all things. Future Builders is our building, special missions and expansion fund where we give over and above our regular giving to build the future of our movement, region, and world.

Every December & January with great faith and vision, our leadership share some key initiatives, partnerships, and projects for the year to come. As a community, we then prayerfully pledge to financially sow into the future.

This Christmas we hope to raise $50,000 to…

  • Provide gifts and direct care for every foster child in Providence
  • Launch a residency & intern program in the fall of 2023
  • Complete the building of a well in partnership with Compassion International and a local church in one of the most under resourced areas of the world (Makueni County, Kenya ) that will serve hundred of kids and thousands of villagers.
  • Fund our No Need Among Us and Love Providence funds. 
  • Provide ongoing physical support for our outreach to Afghan Refugees here in Providence.

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