The season of Advent is a period of 4 weeks leading up to Christmas
that is characterized by expectant waiting and preparing to celebrate
the birth of Jesus. It is in this season that we recognize the God that
is with us. That peace hope, joy and love have drawn near… that we
might draw near.

Why focus on waiting?
Why wait for the gift that has already come?
Why wait for the child already born?


In the wait we see the beauty of the gift.
In the wait we encounter the true presence of the guest.
In the memory of the wait we know the savior who loves us.

This December we have put together a few ways to help our community walk together during advent.

ADVENT HOURS: Morning and Evening Prayer & Devotional 
Weekdays: 11/30-12/24
8am & 9pm 

Each weekday morning and evening during Advent, we’ll be gathering for 10 minutes of liturgy, prayer, silence and a devotional led by some of our pastors and leaders. You can participate via Zoom or watch via our Facebook page.


The writers in our church came together to compose devotionals for Advent. *Save the link to your device’s home screen for easy web app access.

Advent is an opportunity for us to reset and refocus on God. We’ve added some path practices that you might consider taking up this Advent. 

The Sanctuary Church Advent Offering is a special opportunity to target our giving towards four initiatives for the new year. We aim to raise $50,000 above and beyond our regular offering to contribute to four strategic by January 31st.

We believe God calls us to be givers – generous sharers of His abundance. In our giving, we participate in God’s work in the world, and we participate in the transforming work God wants to do in each of us.