The season of Advent is both one of looking backward and one of looking forward. In one sense, it is a bit like going to the bookshelf and restarting your favorite book each year even though you know the ending.

In Advent, we spend four weeks recapturing the anticipation that was felt by followers of God for generations as they longed for the Messiah to come and undo the pain, suffering and loss of this world – and to usher in a new and better way.

And so Advent is also a season where we look forward in hopeful anticipation to the promise set before us by Jesus that He is coming back again to wipe away every tear and makes all things new. The good news of Advent is not that we are faithful in our waiting (we often aren’t) but that God is faithful in his coming.

This December we have put together a number of resources
to help us walk together through this Advent season


We have compiled a series of reflections that center around the theme of restoration and align with our daily prayer rhythm (fixed hour prayer). Save the link to your device’s home screen or pick up a physical copy on Sunday.


Advent is an opportunity for us to reset and refocus on God. We’ve added some path practices that you might consider taking up this Advent. 

Kneeling prayer is a way to incorporate the theme of waiting with your body and soul during the fast-paced holiday season. Three times a day: morning, mid day and evening, simply find a few minutes to kneel, to be quiet, to let your heart re-center, to become aware of God’s presence, to express your love and devotion, and to listen to whatever God may want to say.

Light is a powerful theme during Advent. It is a powerful metaphor for longing and desire, both of which we cultivate during this season. We think of the promised dawning light of the prophets. We think of the guiding light that led the curious Magi from the East to find Jesus. We think of the brightness of the angels announcing the birth of Christ to the shepherds. Each day light a candle as a reminder of your need for the Light of Christ in your life and in our world.

Our attention and consciousness is constantly tethered to our phones. During Advent, consider the practice of reading and reflecting on the Bible before you pick up your phone. Perhaps you can charge your phone overnight in another room and have a bible next to your bed instead. If you use your phone to read the Bible, turn it on do not disturb so you are uninterrupted, or perhaps simply use our guide for your daily readings.

How often do we gravitate to our phones when we are bored or waiting or have a free moment? In the spirit of waiting during Advent, perhaps you can try to keep the phone at bay when you have a down moment. Perhaps you can feel the ache of waiting, the ache of boredom and remember that in that posture of waiting and occasional boredom we can begin to connect to God’s guidance in our lives.



Make your own and use it along side our Family Guide.


Printable template for Advent Calendar cards.  Scriptures on the back of each card match the Advent Family Devotional. Can be used on their own (hung with these, for example) or in a pocket-style calendar (such as this one) along with a treat!


The Sanctuary Church Future Builders Fund is a special opportunity to target our giving towards some critical initiatives for the new year. We aim to raise $50,000 above and beyond our regular offering to contribute to these strategic initiatives.

We believe God calls us to be givers – generous sharers of His abundance. In our giving, we participate in God’s work in the world, and we participate in the transforming work God wants to do in each of us.