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An experience filled with music, film, art, and teaching. All are welcome. Find out all you need to know at

(we will return to two services at 9 + 11am on 4/12)

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Easter church service near pawtucket Rhode Island 2015
Easter church service near lincoln Rhode Island 2015
Easter church service near attleboro Rhode Island 2015
Easter church service near east providence Rhode Island 2015
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join the family

Find out what it means to become a covenant member at Sanctuary Church by coming to our upcoming Covenant Membership Gathering. Joining a local church community is profoundly significant. This gathering defines what it means to “join” Sanctuary Church and how we understand “Covenant membership.” Covenant membership helps make visible the reality of relationships, commitments, struggles, and aspirations of those joined in God’s calling for our church. (more…)

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know + love your city

As we settle into our city and as our church grows, it can be easy to assume we have “a handle” on the culture of our city, suburb, or town. However, a good citizen-missionary never “arrives” in cultural exegesis but is always knowing, exegeting (studying & interpreting) their culture. (more…)

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parking at 15 hayes st

Sanctuary Church meets in the heart of the city in an old cathedral on the Statehouse side of the Providence Place Mall at 15 Hayes st, Providence. We gather at 10AM every Sunday.

On Sunday mornings parking is free at the Providence Place Mall with a Sanctuary parking pass. You can pick one up at the welcome bar. *Be sure to leave the mall in the furthest right lane, buzz the attendant, and indicate you are with Sanctuary Church.

Parking map below: