Homegroups are smaller communities of 10-20 that eat, learn, serve, pray and play together on a regular basis all over the city.  For more info visit the NEXT STEPS BAR after service.

[INSTA] North Music & Movies Lineup

The Providence Parks Department and Sanctuary North are hosting a summer concert and movie night series at Fargnoli Park! These are great nights during the week to invite friends and family for an evening outdoors. Save the dates!

[INSTA] Cross Training

Angel Madera is offering free coaching in cross training, an exercise program that includes both cardio and muscle building.  The program is tailored for people at all levels of physical fitness.  If you are someone like most of us, who doesn’t know where to start, this is for you!  Come as you are, judgement free! It’s fun and good time with friends!  If interested, please meet Angel at the next steps bar after service on Sundays and fill out a HI CARD with your info and times and days that you are available.  The current class runs Mon, Wed and Fri from 7–8 am at 128 Modena Ave, Elmhurst.

[INSTA] I Want To Be Baptized

If you want to know more about getting baptized, email Pastor Rick with “BAPTISM” in the subject line.