In this season where we where we are practicing physical distancing we can still stay social and connected. No matter where you are right now—in Providence or beyond—we would love to connect with you throughout the week! 

Our Services are broadcast throughout the day on Sunday where you can tune in from home along with a Kids program. We also have opportunities for you to join for ONLINE Home Churches, prayer, Table events, and check-ins with our leaders. Also if you would like prayer or to connect to a pastor or leader for support in this time there’s a place to connect below. 

Join us in becoming a voice of hope in this season.

9:30am 11am 8pm
Join us on Sundays for a special online experience hosted by Sanctuary Central & East Side

Join Sanctuary North for an interactive Zoom gathering at 10am

Watch, sing, learn, and create with your kids



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If you need pastoral support or prayer in this time we would love to connect with you. Sign up below and one of our leaders will be in touch.


Generosity is our privilege. There is nothing we have that we have not received. Join us in this urgent moment.


Your Story, your prayer requests, your praise reports, your needs are all of ours. We are better together.