9:30AM | 15 Hayes St, Providence, RI

Free Covered Parking at the Providence Place Mall

11:15AM | 179 Wayland Ave

Our new East Side congregation


Nursery + Kids programming at all locations

We understand that coming to a new place can be intimidating. Please know that whether you’re a follower of Jesus, someone who is searching, “spiritual but not religious,” a regular church attendee, or someone who is fed up with religion, you are welcome here. Sanctuary Church is full of people who are all over the map.

We believe church should be an open, challenging, and safe place for you to serve, be still, ask questions, wrestle with the teaching with Jesus, and be honest.

Be sure to visit the Next Steps Bar after the service, we’d love to meet you. We hope that Sanctuary feels like a place you can call home.


I am enthralled by the luminous figure of Jesus…  no myth is filled with such life. + Einstein