no movement will reach every kind of person
except a movement that mobilizes every kind of person.

We have been asking the question since the beginning: how can we better equip this family of Jesus followers in Providence to be the church? On Vision Sunday we took one step closer to becoming the church we want to see. When church is a movement, our stewardship becomes the unleashing of our God-given gifts, talents, and passions for the love of our city – and that is what we experienced on Sunday.

In our time, the church will grow if we can find a way to help every believer move outside the walls of church; influencing and filling in every potential missionary gap that exists with the message, power, and hope of the Gospel.


We want to equip YOU to be part of bringing God’s dreams to life on earth. What might God be inviting you to start? How is God inviting you to partner with him in the renewal of our city? Our desire is to see a network of OUTPOSTS emerge in Providence.

An OUTPOST is what we consider to be the most basic expression of the church. When followers Jesus work together (withward) in sincere worship (upward) with care for one another’s growth (inward) to accomplish part of the mission of God (outward)… they are the church.

So, in this next season, we will be offering a platform of services to the creator, the apostle, and the person who has a call to start an outpost of heaven here in Providence.


Outposts can look like almost anything that aims to reach and serve our city with the love and power of the Gospel. There are two main types of outposts and a third type that is meant to serve the church.

  • HOME CHURCH OUTPOST – the heartbeat of our church / equal emphasis on all directions
  • MISSION OUTPOST – provides opportunities for home churches and the larger Sanctuary community to love Providence / emphasis on the outward direction
  • MINISTRY – exists to serve the church and build up the body


If you have an idea of how to be the church, we want to hear it.
The first step is to FILL OUT AN APPLICATION.

Once your application is complete, we will contact you to schedule a coaching call with one of our pastors.

Join us in being the church