Advent Wreaths

As we celebrate Advent in the coming weeks we invite you to join us in the annual rhythm of lighting Advent Candles in your home. This year we invite you to purchase and assemble your Advent Wreaths at home and customize them to reflect your unique family! While each wreath will contain a few of the same key elements, there are a million ways you can bring some uniqueness to yours!

Click here to find all the items you need in an Amazon List.

If you’d like to save some money or get creative about exactly which items you purchase you’ll need the following:

  • Wooden base
  • Block Candle Pack (4 total needed. Ikea’s options are the cheapest!)
  • Greens – live clippings (preferred) or garland, cut to size
  • Purple + pink raffia (3 pink, 1 purple ribbon – long enough to tie around candle)
  • Any decorative items you’d like to add! (Pinecones, Gold Berry Stems, Wooden Stars, etc.)


  • Tie the raffia around the candles – 3 purple, 1 pink
  • Set the candles in the center of the base. Glue down if desired, but not necessary
  • Fit the greens around the candles and glue down.
  • Glue decorations to the greens.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Family Devotional.