This current crisis pulls us into a profound place– a place where we are more aware of our connection to one another. As the church, we have a rich history of moving towards our neighbor in times of plague and sickness. Staying put when others leave. Running towards crisis instead of fleeing to safety. Our call has not changed: we want to be ready to love our neighbors, serve the vulnerable, and ensure that there is no need among us (Acts 4:33-34).

In this spirit we have created a simple tool to mobilize those who can lend a hand and serve those in Providence, RI who have been affected by the Corona virus.


We want to support organizations in Providence who are doing important work in the midst of this crisis. Does your non profit, group, business, church… have a need for volunteers or resources?

  1. One of the clearest ways we are able to be the church in Providence is to provide tangible help in times of need. Each year, our needs ministry helps us show the love of Jesus whenever and wherever the need arises– whether providing meals, paying rent checks, providing access to professional counselors, or caring for an array of spiritual and tangible needs. Each year our needs ministry provides over $10,000 worth of care.
  2. Mental Health: Even before the chaos of 2020, our culture was already filled with an overwhelming number of troubling statistics about the state of mental health. Now, with the stress of a pandemic and a year of cultural tension, mental health struggles are a reality for even more people. This year we are adding to this fund in order to respond well to those in need of counseling, coaching, support and spiritual direction.

RUNNING TOWARDS CORONA: meeting the needs of our neighbors