This current crisis pulls us into a profound place– a place where we are more aware of our connection to one another. As the church, we have a rich history of moving towards our neighbor in times of plague and sickness. Staying put when others leave. Running towards crisis instead of fleeing to safety. Our call has not changed: we want to be ready to love our neighbors, serve the vulnerable, and ensure that there is no need among us (Acts 4:33-34).

In this spirit we have created a simple tool to mobilize those who can lend a hand and serve those in Providence, RI who have been affected by the Corona virus.


We want to support organizations in Providence who are doing important work in the midst of this crisis. Does your non profit, group, business, church… have a need for volunteers or resources?

Sanctuary is partnering with Rent Sons to meet the needs of every Rhode Islander with Coronavirus, keep them safely inside, and to provide hundreds of jobs.

Enlist now to help deliver groceries and run errands for Rhode Islanders with COVID-19 using a safe, no-contact method.


  • You will be directed to “Apply to Rent Sons”
  • You can choose to volunteer or be paid for your time:
    • In the “How did you hear” section, write
      • “Sanctuary – paid” or
      • “Sanctuary – volunteer”


  • Help us raise $15,000 to complete the funding

RUNNING TOWARDS CORONA: meeting the needs of our neighbors