Sanctuary Church seeks to partner with families in nurturing children to follow the path of Jesus. We want our kids to learn about God, but we want so much more than that. Our desire is that every child would have the opportunity to encounter God every single Sunday. We believe that God desires to have an intimate relationship with each child that comes through our doors. Our role is not to mediate this relationship, but to facilitate an encounter with God.

Furthermore, it is our goal that everything we do on a Sunday would empower parents to take the lead in the discipleship of their kids at home. We believe that parents who are following Jesus are the primary and most effective agents of discipleship in the lives of their kids. Parents wield more influence, time, and spiritual authority in their children’s lives than we ever will, so we want our programming to reflect that reality.

The Director of Family Ministries supports this vision by providing oversight for the children & family ministry. 


Part-time 20hr/Week (Includes hours worked on Sundays, remaining hours remote possible).


Executive Pastor


  • Agrees with Sanctuary Church’s theology, ethics, and leader covenant.
  • Has gifts of teaching, leadership, and administration.
  • Passionate about equipping God’s people in the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:1-16).
  • Able to build teams, develop leaders, and has a proven track record of servant-leadership.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience – 2 years minimum with children’s ministry.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field is strongly preferred.
  • Experience with Planning Center Online, Google Drive, etc. preferred.

Job Description:

  1. Implement Sanctuary’s Family Ministry Vision:
    1. Partner with pastors and families to create and implement Sanctuary Church’s vision for Family Ministry. 
    2. Develop healthy relationships with parents and come alongside them in the discipleship of their children.
    3. Create a meaningful Sunday program that supports our vision of empowering and partnering with parents to disciple their children.
    4. Represent the interests of the Families & Children’s Ministry to the Staff. 
  2. Lead KidCity Teams
    1. Schedule & Manage all KidCity Volunteers for Sundays and any other Church-wide events needing Childcare. 
    2. Develop & Lead KidCity Volunteers. 
      1. Equip them to create engaging discipleship spaces.
      2. Engage in the pastoral work of shepherding, discipling, and caring for volunteers.
      3. Onboard new volunteers: Review applications and conduct interviews.
      4. Create and implement a system for training new and existing volunteers.
      5. Plan and implement bi-annual training/development events for KidCity Teams.
      6. Enforce policies and procedures related to safety and security.
      7. Lead monthly Classroom Lead Teacher Meetings.
  3. Oversee curriculum and program for Sunday Gatherings
    1. Organize Curriculum, Activities, and all supplies needed.
    2. Review curriculum once a year to ensure it is still appropriate. 
  4. Oversee and direct teams at all KidCity/Childcare events (Sunday Mornings, Special Events, Family Retreat, etc.).
    1. Communicate expectations, show times, schedules, etc. 
    2. Provide leadership & support throughout events.